Mental Health Awareness – Useful Links and Contacts

It’s ok to say you’re not ok. If you’re worried about your physical or mental health, speak to your midwife, health visitor or doctor as soon as possible. This page contains some links for the U.K. which may be useful: If you’re worried about Coronavirus> If you’re struggling with your mental health, and need … More Mental Health Awareness – Useful Links and Contacts

The importance of breath

A lot of work is being done to raise awareness of better mental health, but depression continues to carry a stigma with it.  Which is why when the words depression and pregnancy are mentioned in the same sentence, people find it hard to understand.  And yet the growing number of women reporting anxiety, depression and stress-like symptoms whilst … More The importance of breath

Delphi’s Story

I married young at the age of 19, exactly a year after my father passed away.   I kept my promise to my dad to marry, much to the nervousness of my mother who said it would never work. At the age of 20 I had a planned, and blissfully uneventful, pregnancy giving birth to … More Delphi’s Story